The first question that appear when we try to make an apparel product is about the design. Just tell us your concept or idea and we’ll bring you the visual of idealistic designs.

Film setting

Precision describes the quality of screen printing. Setting films in screen printing can be tricky. Especially full color design which needs color separation should be handled by experienced professionals.

Apparel Decoration


The most popular way to put our idea into wearable things is screen printing. No matter how crafty your designs are, it’s not a big problem to screen print it into fabric. We also provides you options for ink and process.

  • Rubber
  • Superwhite
  • Discharge
  • Tonal
  • Simulated Process

Commonly applied on shirts or polo shirts, embroidery makes what you wear looks more premium. Logo or letters are what people oftenly showed by embroidery. The best choice for your company executives.


Tag Printing

People sometimes feel uncomfortable with tags on the neck. Then comes tag printing as a solution that also makes the brand looks different from others. It also gives larger area for brand to inform about the products.

Sewn Hem Tags

Sewn hem tags makes your apparel products looks sharp. Labeling your product with woven tags that sewn on the bottom seam or the sleeve of shirts is part of process that we call ‘branding’. We can help you to create ‘proudness’ for your branded products with sewn hem tags.


The production process is done. Your see your product as a masterpiece. Now it’s time to deliver the masterpiece to your customer. And if you don’t want to ruin their impression by messy packaging, we can help you with that.